DeSantis Says Trump Isn’t Who He Used to Be

( – After the third GOP primary debate on Wednesday, November 8th, Ron DeSantis approved of how NBC handled the debate. He was critical of Donald Trump’s absence, however, suggesting there may be voters he’s alienating by not participating.

He suggested NBC moderators did a good job asking substantive questions, despite criticism from Vivek Ramaswamy, another primary candidate who was highly critical of NBC and media in general during the Wednesday night showdown. He suggested viewers got “a good viewing experience” due to a lack of “screaming back and forth.”

He further claimed Trump “is not the same guy” he was in years past. Pointing out how it would have been impossible to keep him off the stage in 2016. He further criticized Trump for using a teleprompter to give speeches and echoed Trump’s sentiments by pointing out that his huge lead over the competition implies he doesn’t need to debate.

DeSantis said that philosophy was antithetical to the process and that each candidate has to earn the job. He also suggested that while Trump has some “rock solid” support within his base, there are always undecided voters who may choose to vote for someone else due to Trump’s absence from the debate stage.

Kristin Welker took flak from Vivek Ramaswamy over the 2016 Russian collusion hoax as a representative of the establishment media that ran with the story at the time. Welker was asked directly if the Russian collusion hoax, which she pushed at the time as a part of her job, was “Hillary Clinton made-up disinformation,” by Ramaswamy during a tirade where he lambasted the media. Welker refused to answer and grinned at the camera in response.

RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel also took flak from Ramaswamy over the series of electoral losses suffered by the GOP since she took over in 2017. Ramaswamy pointed out that in every major election under her tenure, Republicans have largely lost ground or not had the victories anticipated. He specifically mentioned the “red wave” of 2022 which saw Republicans gain control of the House but only by a slim margin.

McDaniel refused to comment on language used by Donald Trump in which he claimed he’d uproot communism and other radical leftists in a post on Truth Social. She said she avoids commenting on particular candidates’ messaging, but she said that Trump was a proud supporter of the military and American veterans.

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