Democrats Pounce on Trump Execution Claims

( – Former communications director for the previous Trump administration Alyssa Farah Griffin sat down for a podcast wherein she claimed Trump regularly suggested “executing” leakers. Trump’s defenders have suggested he wasn’t serious and was merely irate and “blowing off steam.” Nevertheless, left-leaning media are using the incident to reiterate claims Trump is a “would-be dictator” despite his first administration not resulting in such.

Griffin claimed on June 14th that Trump wanted to execute a staffer responsible for leaking details about Trump being relocated into a White House bunker on May 29th, 2020, during the George Floyd riots. Members of the corporate press frequently neglect to examine the severity of the damage done to the nation’s capital during that time, preferring instead to focus on January 6th, 2021.

Griffin said former Attorney General Bill Barr wouldn’t give a definitive answer as to whether or not Trump wanted to execute leakers, preferring to claim he didn’t remember. Barr previously told a corporate pundit that Trump was known for having a temper and might make outrageous comments he didn’t actually mean due to frustration. No staffers were ever executed, and Trump’s DOJ prosecuted leakers at the same rate as the Obama administration. Left-leaning outlets like to highlight that Trump referred more people for prosecution, however.

Trump spokesman Steven Cheung responded to requests for comment by highlighting that Trump’s “revenge” will be the act of bringing prosperity to all Americans in the future administration. Cheung did not address claims that Trump wanted to execute leakers, however.

Trump has been criticized for potentially seeking “revenge” against Biden administration officials, including President Joe Biden himself for potential criminal activity during the last few years. Trump’s supporters have pointed out that Biden himself used his political office to fatten his family’s wallets.

Democrats are flailing in response to a recent video showing Biden seemingly short-circuiting. Just recently he rambled incoherently in response to reporters asking him questions before breaking into a laugh and started to wander off before being corralled during an event for the G7 summit.

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