Democrats Hope Abortion Controversy Will Turn Florida Blue

( – President Biden’s campaign believes that the overturning of Roe v. Wade and a recently affirmed 6-week abortion ban in Florida will give them the edge they need to flip Florida blue in November. Biden has a new attack ad wherein he reminded voters that Trump bears responsibility for overturning the landmark Supreme Court decision.

Trump has taken credit for the ruling, and his statement on the matter is included in the ad. The Florida State Supreme Court affirmed a 6-week ban on the practice, meaning that any abortion procedures performed afterward will be illegal.

Biden’s campaign hopes that the anger over the decision could fuel electoral turnout amongst their base. They argue that Trump will attempt to push a national ban on the practice if reelected. There’s no indication that Trump has any interest in a national ban. Trump has reportedly considered a 15-week national ban but is still undecided given how politically hot the issue is.

Critics of Roe have previously pointed out that the Constitutional basis for the ruling was slim and that any national abortion rights must be affirmed by Congress. The high court agreed, returning the issue to the states. Many states enshrined the practice into law, while others made it incredibly difficult or strictly limited the time frame wherein the procedure was considered legal, like Florida.

Also on the ballot in Florida is a referendum that would enshrine abortion access into the state’s constitution. If passed, the procedure would be available up to the point of fetal viability, meaning that if the child can survive outside the womb, the mother cannot elect to terminate the pregnancy.

Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriquez published a memo wherein she reminded readers that Trump won Florida with 370,000 votes. She believes that is a winnable margin for the Democrats.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) was campaigning in Florida for the Biden campaign calling it “ground zero” for the battle over abortion.

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