Democrat Rep. Wants a $50 Minimum Wage

( – Betraying a complete lack of how the economy works, a Democrat candidate vying for the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s seat suggested California needs a $50/hour minimum wage.

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) attempted to defend the concept during a debate on February 12th. The host of the debate asked Lee if she could defend the incredibly inflated wage, noting that the national minimum wage stands at just $7.25/hour currently. The moderator additionally asked how the shift would impact small businesses.

Lee dodged the question and went on at length regarding “worker productivity” which requires employees to have “a living wage” that meets all of their material needs. She deflected to a report from United Way that suggested $127,000/year is not enough for a family of four living in San Francisco or the surrounding area due to the inflated cost of living. The report also claimed $104,000 is barely enough for one person in such an area.

Lee explained that she arrived at $50/hour by simply doing the math. The inflated minimum wage of $50/hour works out to $104,000/year with an average 40 hour work-week. She said most people are discussing $20 or $25/hour minimum wages while she has to focus on what is needed in her home district.

In typical fashion, Lee never addressed the impact it would have on small businesses.

Republicans responded on X (Twitter) with mockery, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) quoted her reply and asked “Why not $500/hour?”

Turning Point USA chief Charlie Kirk suggested $100/hour or $1000. He said a billion an hour would allow everyone to be “richer than Elon Musk!” Kirk added that economic illiteracy like this has been “around for centuries” and every time its adherents are given the reins of power the results are “a dystopian nightmare.”

Newsmax host Todd Starnes simply asked small business owners if they could afford to pay their employees $50/hour and remain in operation. The replies suggested they could not.

Lee’s comments suggest she has no idea how inflation works, which made a stark reappearance in recent economic analysis despite Democrat claims the economy is just fine.

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