Democrat Mayor Orders Migrants Back To The Border

( – Mayor Sam Joshi of Edison, New Jersey, is chartering buses to ship migrants back to the southern border after over a dozen buses have begun dropping them in his area. The Democrat mayor sympathized with the plight of asylum seekers but pointed out that there simply aren’t resources available to help them all.

WABC-TV reports that 13 buses have deposited illegal immigrants at train stations in Fanwood, Secaucus, Trenton, and Edison after New York Mayor Eric Adams issued an executive order requiring buses to coordinate with officials on drop-off times and locations. Dropping their passengers off in New Jersey allows companies to avoid compliance with the order.

Joshi said that he’s instructing law enforcement to put the illegals on a chartered bus back to the border, though he was unclear on how he anticipates getting them to comply. He further said he didn’t want to shift responsibility “to another mayor” by facilitating their transfer to New York City.

Speaking with ABC News, Joshi said police had no way of knowing if the illegals were criminals, carried weapons, or contagious diseases. He also indicated that simply identifying them is a problem. He called it a security and health risk and said that was intolerable on his watch.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop said he wanted to “do the right thing” without elaborating on what that was.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas has shipped over 80,000 illegals to Democrat “sanctuary cities,” including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. Other conservative states like Florida and Louisiana have used the same tactic.

Trenton Democrat Mayor Reed Gusciora said that most illegals arriving in his city have moved on to New York, but roughly ten are staying with family locally. He further said that while he empathized with their plight, they didn’t have the resources or capacity to house and feed them.

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