Democrat Lie May Cost Them Senate Majority

( – A Virginia Democrat who just won her seat may be removed from the position after it was exposed she does not live in the district in which she ran. State senator Ghazala Hashmi’s electoral win is being contested by four neighbors and her Republican opponent who claim she merely rented an apartment in Senate District 15 where she won a recent election to the Virginia state legislature and failed to disclose her primary residence in a neighboring district.

The Democrats hold a lead of 21-19 in the state Senate, including Hashmi. Virginia Senate candidates are legally required to live in the district in which they run. Hashmi signed official statements claiming she lived in District 15 in an apartment on Boulder Lake Drive in North Chesterfield.

Four of her neighbors on Bosham Lane in Midlothian, well outside District 15, say they’ve documented 62 instances of Hashmi coming and going from her actual residence in October alone. They’ve also noted when her vehicle was parked there late at night or early in the morning and have photographs to back everything up. She’s lived there for years.

To qualify for candidacy, Hashmi had to certify that she nor her family-owned additional real estate outside of District 15 worth more than $5,000. She swore that they did not possess such real estate, which was an obvious deception.

The same form that she signed said failure to be honest was a felony under Virginia law with a fine of up to $2,500 and a prison term of up to 10 years. Convicts will also lose their right to vote.

Hashmi had previously been a state Senator in District 10 which covered Midlothian, but after a recent redistricting, she ended up in District 12. She chose to run in District 15, rented an apartment there, and figured that was that until four neighbors threw a wrench into her plans.

She won in District 15 against Republican Hayden Fisher on November 7th, who’s now arguing that due to her felonious conduct, she was ineligible to run, and thus, he ran unopposed and is legally entitled to the seat. Speaking with The Daily Wire, Fisher said he will see to it that the election is not certified due to her disqualification. He’s a lawyer himself who said the law was clearly in his favor. He further said that if Hashmi cared about democracy and the rule of law she should concede immediately.

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