Democrat Lawmakers Brush Off Concerns About Migrant Crime

( – Democrats were quick to dismiss concerns about illegal aliens engaging in criminal activity impacting American citizens over the week ending on June 28th. The Biden administration has been repeatedly chastised over the entirety of its duration that the border control policies were so lax that anyone could walk across the border and enter the country, even known terrorists.

Estimates beginning in January 2023 to present suggest over a million illegals have entered the country in that time. Some estimates have suggested that as many as ten million illegals have entered during Biden’s term which was in addition to the millions already in the country prior to him taking office.

Illegals are now flying in because that’s way more convenient. Customs and Border Protections (CBP) estimated that roughly 460,000 illegals have flown in on commercial flights.

When prodded by members of the press, congressional Democrats had very little to say. A corporate reporter asked Democratic Rep. Maxwell Frost (FL) if it was a good idea to let people into the country without first being absolutely clear on their identity and potential for violence.

Frost suggested that criminals gaining entry were slipping “through the cracks” in our border protocols. That’s also presuming illegals even encounter border security at all, previously former acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Chad Wolf told corporate media that the agency has “no idea” how many criminals, state-sponsored terrorists or independent militias have entered the country intent on doing harm. He suggested the number could easily be in the millions, so add that to Biden’s record.

Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal from the infamously far-left state of Washington claimed outright that “undocumented immigrants” (a euphemism for criminal border crossers or illegal aliens) are committing fewer crimes than other demographics. She did not cite data to back up her claim. Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler (NY) also made a similar claim. When asked if those crimes are preventable, regardless of their numbers, Nadler deflected and refused to answer the question.

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