Democrat Governor’s Connection Conveniently ‘Cuts Out’ After Biden Question

Journalist at news conference holding microphone and smartphone making media interview with female politician or business woman

( – Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is getting flak after allegedly faking connection problems during an on-air interview with corporate televised media on Sunday, June 9th. Whitmer was seen nodding along as if she could hear everything being said but suddenly suggested connection problems when the interviewer asked about Hunter Biden’s trial. Hunter Biden was convicted of all charges on June 11th, two days later.

The host began to bring up the Hunter Biden trial after Whitmer had blasted former President Donald Trump as a “convicted felon” in what many regard as a sham proceeding likely to be overturned during the appeal process. It was highlighted that Hunter Biden faced charges of illegally obtaining a firearm while under the influence of drugs. During the question, Whitmer interrupted the host and suggested she was having connection problems and difficulty hearing her.

Some people noticed that around the 18-second mark, Whitmer’s eyes diverted off camera, implying that Whitmer was receiving off-screen instructions to fake a “I can’t hear you.” They took a quick commercial break to ‘fix’ the issue, and when Whitmer came back, she had an answer prepared for the cameras.

After the commercial break, Whitmer said she wasn’t sure how to “weigh in on that.” She did repeat the Democrat’s latest talking point that Joe Biden respects the law, suggesting he wouldn’t pardon Hunter Biden or otherwise interfere in the process, despite ample evidence his administration slow-walked multiple charges and deliberately allowed some tax crimes to expire past the statute of limitations during Biden’s presidency.

Whitmer claimed the choice in November was between a president who respects the rule of law and one who uses it to prosecute his political enemies. Trump has suggested that any criminal activities by the current administration will be scrutinized by him and the Department of Justice should they win in November.

Unfortunately, the Democrats opened Pandora’s box when they prosecuted their largest political rival using the legal system. Even legitimate violations of the law were previously ignored as not worth prosecuting: most notably Hillary Clinton’s use of private email servers, which the FBI acknowledged as very likely illegal but admitted wasn’t worth the political fallout to prosecute.

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