Democrat Candidate in Hot Water for Racist Remarks

( – Michigan State University has terminated a Democratic politician from his role working for the MSU Extension (a taxpayer-funded educational wing) after a recording came to light in which the Democrat made what sounded to be racist remarks.

Chris Kleinjans is Ottawa County Commissioner, an elected position he won on May 7th after defeating Lucy Ebel, a candidate backed by the interest group Ottawa Impact. Kleinjans claims he was fired because he opposed a candidate from the group Ottawa Impact. He has filed a lawsuit against the MSU Extension for wrongful termination.

MSU claims Kleinjans has a conflict of interest and cannot work at the extension while also being an elected Commissioner. But some details, though murky, suggest there may be a different reason.

Kleinjans himself released an audio conversation between him and MSU in which he offered to resign but still argued for his job. It is hard to understand why Kleinjans offered the recording to the public considering what he can be heard saying. At one point, Kleinjans criticizes two other candidates—one black and one Hispanic—he was challenging, which is commonplace enough. He says neither is a good fit for the office, but he is.

Explaining why he is the better candidate, Kleijans said his opponents, Joe Spaulding and Larry Jackson, have “a reputation” and baggage that’s “both genetic and historical.” He continues, saying that he is “older,” that he’s “white,” and that his family has lived “in this area since 1848.”

These types of statements are not expected from Democratic candidates, as the leftist party tends to be (or to portray itself as) very sensitive to racism and other types of prejudice. Kleinjans admitted as much in the recording, saying he “check[s] off so many right-wing boxes.”

Kleinjans won his seat as a Commissioner earlier this year as part of a special recall election to unseat Republican Lucy Ebel. He took 60 percent of the vote. The recall was sparked over a dispute about Ebel’s actions related to an unsuccessful effort to remove Adeline Hambley from her position as County Health Officer.

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