Delphi Murders Suspect Claims Girls Were Victims of White Nationalists’ Ritual Sacrifice

( – In what could be the start of an award-winning documentary, lawyers for an Indiana man who was charged in the killings of two little girls in the state appear to be throwing a “Hail Mary” at the court and are claiming the real killers are ritual-obsessed white nationalists.

One of the problems the pair of attorneys are facing is that their client already allegedly confessed to the murders in question. 50-year-old Richard Allen is reported to have admitted to the double homicide of Abigail Williams and Liberty German around three months ago during a handful of jailhouse phone calls that were reportedly recorded.

The two little girls were only 13 and 14 years old. Police say the duo were snatched off a hiking trail near the city of Delphi. Their bodies were eventually found together in a nearby wooded area and the medical examiner said their fatal wounds had resulted from a “sharp object” being plunged into their bodies.

Allen was arrested not long thereafter and has been behind bars awaiting the start of his trial, which is scheduled for January of 2024. Brad Rozzi and Andrew Baldwin, his two attorneys, are now insisting that their client’s innocence can be proven because of the overwhelming evidence they have suggesting that a cult was behind the murders.

White supremacist practitioners of an ancient Norse religion are the real culprits, they say. Abigail and Liberty were the victims of an Odinism-inspired ritualistic sacrifice, according to Allen’s counsel. In a September 18th court filing, the legal team claimed to have a plethora of new evidence in the matter.

Alongside that new evidence, the pair is attempting to get the original search warrant for Allen’s Delphi residence thrown out and has requested a fresh hearing to do so. They say the probable cause authorities used to enter his home was unjustified and that whatever was found once they were inside is inadmissible in his trial.

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