Death of Top Hamas Commander Confirmed

( – Israel has killed an important Hamas leader according to Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor for the U.S. In a press conference, Sullivan told the media that Israel killed Marwan Issa last week, the third-in-command in Hamas’ paramilitary structure.

The Jewish state has made “significant progress” against Hamas recently, Sullivan said, by destroying fighting battalions and killing thousands of individual soldiers.

Hamas is a paramilitary organization that controls the Gaza Strip and represents itself as a legitimate voice of Palestinians.

The Israeli military said it also killed Hamas’ top security leader Faig Mabhouh in recent actions. According to Israel, Mabhouh was based in a fortified location inside Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. From there, he oversaw militant operations, the military said. Israel has launched an offensive against the hospital which it claims Hamas is using as an operational base. Hamas is known to embed itself in civilian locations, forcing Israel to try to avoid killing innocent civilians while still taking out Hamas military targets.

The U.S.’ Sullivan remarked that Hamas’ remaining leadership is “in hiding” within the group’s network of underground tunnels, but that “justice will come for them, too.”

Sullivan said Hamas has used hospitals and “civilian facilities” for weapons storage and barracks housing for fighters. This means Israel has to fight in ways most other militaries do not, he said, by trying to avoid civilian casualties when eliminating enemy fighters.

Last November Israel launched a raid on the same hospital, which it said was concealing a major Hamas military operational center. The Israeli Defense Force found an underground tunnel beneath the medical center along with stored weapons.

Today, Hamas said 30,000 people are taking refuge at the hospital after fleeing dangerous conditions where they live and work. But the IDF claims sick people and medical workers are safe at the hospital, and that civilians who want to evacuate will have a safe way to do so.

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