DC Councilman Says National Guard Should Be Deployed To Combat Crime

(TargetDailyNews.com) – In what appears to be a break from toeing the party line, an impassioned Washington D.C., councilman publicly called for the deployment of the National Guard to better address the capital city’s increasing crime problem.

Trayon White, the Democratic representative of D.C.’s 8th Ward, advocated for military deployment at a press conference on Tuesday, August 8th. The press conference occurred just three feet away where three people were recently gunned down last weekend near the corner of 16 Street and Good Hope Road in Southeast.

White said that his ward, known for its rising levels of violent crime, has become a “cancer” that is spreading throughout the rest of Washington, D.C. He added that “desperate times call for desperate measures,” and said that there are now young men walking around with AK-47s throughout various D.C. communities.

White said further that he has reached out to D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to discuss his proposed plan on how to properly deploy the military to help combat violent crime in the city. However, such a move will have to be coordinated with the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice, as the President has the authority over the capital city’s National Guard units. White said that he wants to take his concerns directly to the White House, though he did not offer a timeframe as to when these changes might occur. Bowser is also on vacation this week.

The nation’s capital has already seen 13 slayings since the start of August, with a total of 161 homicides representing a 28% increase from 2022 and violent crime is up 37%. Sexual assaults, robberies, assaults with a deadly weapon, and car robberies have also climbed by the year.

White is also looking for an armed uniformed presence to help restore law and order throughout the city in addition to the National Guard. The councilman is inspired by \the National Guard’s assistance to local police beginning in 1990. The National Guard also provided help for the anti-crime patrol group called the “Orange Hats.”

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