Dangerous High-Profile Attacker May Soon Be Back on the Streets

(TargetDailyNews.com) – British ITV host Katie Piper was attacked in 2008 by a man who threw corrosive acid in her face, leaving her badly scarred and in need of continuing medical procedures.

Now, the man behind the vicious attack may be out on the streets as early as next month if the English legal system grants him parole. Piper’s former boyfriend, Daniel Lynch, arranged the attack and was convicted for the plot, which left Piper blind in one eye. The man who actually threw the acid, Stefan Sylvestre, was given a life sentence, but that means little in the UK, as the system gives out sentences called “life,” but then adds on, “with a minimum term of X years.” It’s not life in prison. And in this case, Sylvestre was let go in 2018.

He was taken back to prison in 2022 for violating the conditions of his parole.

Now Lynch, who also received an alleged “life sentence” may be out next. He got “life,” but really, a minimum sentence of 16 years. The parole board told the media Lynch will get a hearing on July 23rd and 24th. English convicts get parole hearings when the system believes there is a “realistic prospect” that they’ll achieve release, or when they are being considered for a move to a less secure prison.

Lynch’s violence against his former girlfriend (he also sexually assaulted her) wasn’t his first attack. He’s been jailed before for throwing boiling water over a man. He also became extremely jealous during his relationship with Piper, and the resulting attack left her disfigured. Piper has already had hundreds of procedures and surgeries done to try to correct the damage.

After the attack, Piper addressed the court with a victim impact statement. She recounted that she felt “like I was burning in hell” when the sulfuric acid hit her face. She described it as “unique, torturous pain.” Despondent at the time, Piper told the court she lost her looks, her future career, and her hopes. “All I am left with is an empty shell,” she said, saying she feels she’s suffering something worse than death.

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