Dan Crenshaw Calls Jim Jordan a Bully, Says He’s Acting Dumb

(TargetDailyNews.com) – Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) is giving Jim Jordan advice on getting his holdouts to back his election to the position: don’t be a bully and chill. He suggested strong-armed tactics were “the dumbest thing” one could do if they wanted Jordan to ascend to the role of Speaker.

Crenshaw sat down with CNN’s “State of the Union” to tell Jake Tapper that he planned to support and vote for Jordan to become Speaker regardless, but that his fellow Republicans shouldn’t aggravate or insult holdouts to garner their support.

Most Republicans back Jordan. A secret Republican party ballot revealed as much last week putting Jordan in the prime position to become the next Speaker of the House. Jordan is the current Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and is leading much of the oversight and impeachment investigations, earning him the gravitas to challenge the Biden administration and lead in Congress.

Yet there are still roughly 55 Republicans that didn’t immediately back his bid for the role. He’ll have to earn their support to garner enough votes to overcome Democrat opposition in a floor vote on October 17th.

Jordan’s supporters have rallied on social media, identifying and shaming holdouts to pressure them to back Jordan. Crenshaw believes the tactic is counterproductive at worst and ineffective at best. He referenced how similar tactics were attempted to secure Kevin McCarthy enough votes in January for the role and how it wasn’t effective then. He suggested people need to “grow up” and “get it together” and differences should be negotiated and compromised upon so we can move forward.

Despite requesting cool heads and maturity when discussing electing a new Speaker, Crenshaw is a vehement supporter of the state of Israel and a vocal critic of presidential Republican primary candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. Calling the latter “deeply naive” and “a Wall Street bro” he suggested Ramaswamy was solely in the race to “get a job from Donald Trump,” suggesting it was “sad.”

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