Customer Goes Nuclear Over Happy Meal and Pokemon Cards

( – A brawl erupted between two McDonald’s customers when one could not receive a Pokémon TCG pack in their Happy Meal. Although Pokémon TCG packs are available again at McDonald’s, it seems they ran out, which triggered the altercation.

New Pokémon card sets are regularly introduced, and collectors eagerly seek them out in addition to the typical decks and booster packs from The Pokémon Company, McDonald’s hosts an annual promotion that includes these cards.

In previous years, McDonald’s promotions attracted scalpers, some even employed at the restaurant. This year’s Happy Meal includes Pokémon cards that feature popular characters like the Scarlet, Violet starters, Pawmi and Pikachu. Many Pokémon fans desire these packs. However, a fan who did not receive one with their meal became upset, which led to a fistfight.

YouTuber Scotian Wolf Gaming shared a video where a customer at a McDonald’s in Nova Scotia, Canada, became angry with the manager. The customer wanted a refund for their Happy Meal because McDonald’s did not have Pokémon TCG card packs and books.

Angry about his order, the customer insisted on getting a refund and mentioned suing McDonald’s. He became louder, gesturing at the manager and others around. In a few minutes, another customer arrived to order but argued with the first one. The disagreement escalated into a fight, with customers yelling and threatening each other.

The McDonald’s manager intervened after the two customers fought for over a minute. Despite being separated, they continued to exchange threats while moving around the restaurant. One of them even picked up a chair and threw it at the other, narrowly missing a bystander. Onlookers then encouraged them to take their fight outside.

A customer and the manager are seen talking on the phone, possibly with the police. The video shows them both leaving the restaurant, and the first customer did not receive the refund he requested. The McDonald’s brawl may or may not have been planned, but the emotions displayed suggest it was a real fight.

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