Cuban Vs. Ramaswamy On School Choice

( – Entrepreneur, and now-presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, debated popular “Shark Tank” investor Mark Cuban, who is also publicly known as a Republican, on Twitter over whether or not to disband the Department of Education.

Over the weekend, the two public figures had an intense exchange on the social media platform, which was catalyzed by Ramaswamy publicly announcing that he will reveal a more detailed plan for how he intends to disband the Department of Education in his upcoming speech on September 13th in Washington, D.C.

Cuban then took aim at Ramaswamy less than an hour later, criticizing his plan for being focused on recklessly disbanding an entire federal agency, as opposed to formulating a “results-driven” plan that would improve the quality of education while saving taxpayers’ money.

He accused Ramaswamy of wanting the U.S. to be a “deadbeat country” that “doesn’t pay its bills,” saying that if the Department of Education were to shut down, it would not be able to fulfill any of its current contractual obligations it has with other bodies, including taxpayers. Cuban said further that suddenly shutting down the agency would result in a wave of lawsuits and billions of dollars worth of settlements.

Ramaswamy responded to Cuban, insisting that the dismantling of the agency is actually quite simple, saying that he would take the $80 billion the department typically spends and allocate it toward helping parents send their children to private school.

Cuban also said that Ramaswamy is “Remix Trump,” making a play off the famous quote “Everything is a remix” by Steve Jobs. He lambasted Ramaswamy for simply playing politics and “studying the Trump playbook” to be a younger, better version of the former president with a better vocabulary.

Ramaswamy further justified his plan to Cuban by saying that eliminating the Department of Education would prevent the federal bureaucracy from using federal funding as a bargaining chip as a way to get public school districts to adopt inappropriate ideologies in their curriculums.

Ramaswamy also said the federal education bureaucracy has placed an unfair emphasis on four-year college degrees right out of high school while disfavoring vocational paths, which, according to the millennial candidate, has had “disastrous consequences” for his generation.

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