Crucial Detail Omitted from Report on Laken Riley Murder

( – Conservatives blasted The Associated Press (AP) after a report from the famed outlet totally ignored the fact that the man arrested and accused of the murder of nursing student Laken Riley was in the country illegally. The AP had the gall to refer to him as an “Athens resident,” implying he was a legal citizen.

Riley was found dead on February 22nd. Police busted Jose Antonio Ibarra for the crime, slamming him with murder, assault, kidnapping, and additional charges. It was revealed on the following Sunday that Ibarra was an illegal who had been arrested and processed at the border as well as in New York City for a traffic violation and endangering a child. He entered the country during Biden’s administration prompting Trump to comment that Riley would still be alive if he were president.

The AP’s slant was obvious as it attempted to focus the story on “the dangers faced by female joggers” instead of the impact of illegals on crime. The journalistic sleight of hand was obvious after the report cited another murdered woman, Mollie Tibbetts, also killed while out jogging. The article also ignored the fact Tibbetts was killed by a man who illegally entered the country.

A separate report from Saturday by the AP said that authorities weren’t aware of Ibarra’s immigration status, but it wasn’t updated on Sunday after the information was released by ICE. Commentators on X (formerly Twitter) called out the obvious distortion of the facts.

A post by the AP said that the incident informs “the fears of solo female” runners while conservative writer Stephen Miller suggested that there was another aspect to the story.

Outkick contributor Mary Katharine Ham explained that she had run the same trail as Riley for years, complaining that had she been murdered the AP would have lied about it for political purposes. She also shared a link to a local affiliate who gave more detailed coverage about Ibarra’s immigration status and previous criminal history.

Twitchy writer Doug Powers suggested that the AP would blame climate change before it would acknowledge the criminal behavior of illegals.

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