Cotton Demands Probe of Media after Hamas Allegations

( – On October 7th, photojournalists were stationed along Gaza’s border with Israel as members of Hamas broke through Israel’s security barriers and headed into the Jewish state to carry out their attacks. Professional photographers documented the initial incursion. Those same journalists were waiting hours later after the attackers returned to Gaza City with hostages in tow.

In both cases, the high-resolution images were quickly circulated amongst a number of different international and stateside outlets. To some, it appears that the photographers in question were tipped off and given advanced warning of the pending atrocities.

Many, including Senator Tom Cotton, appear to believe that several Western news operations may have known about the impending civilian slaughter in Israel before it ever happened through their default connections to the on-scene photographers. That may or may not be the case, but the Arkansas legislator is demanding a federal probe of the events.

Cotton has accused the Associated Press, Reuters, CNN, and the New York Times of knowing what was about to occur and failing to alert authorities in Israel. In a November 10th letter to the Department of Justice, Cotton reminded the agency that providing support to a known terrorist entity like Hamas is a federal crime.

The senator’s demand for an investigation followed a report from Honest Reporting, a nonprofit, that pointed out the apparent tip-offs that Hamas had seemingly provided the handful of photographers with. Each of the four media organizations Cotton named to the DOJ has denied knowing about the attacks beforehand.

Both the AP and CNN recently announced that despite not having prior warning of Hamas’ invasion, they would no longer be using the freelance services of Hassan Eslaiah, one of the involved photographers. A later statement from Honest Reporting indicated that the nonprofit believes the explanation provided by the outlets that first received the October 7th photographs.

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