Conservatives Raise Concerns about Legitimacy of 2024 Superbowl

( – Pop Star Taylor Swift is ubiquitous. It is nearly impossible to find an online space where the singer, her tour, or her fans, are not crowding out nearly every other topic of conversation. Naturally, because it is 2024 in America, Swift’s name is now connected to partisan politics.

According to the opinion of two CNN columnists, conservatives who speculate that Swift may be working in concert with Democratic Party interests are “far-right conspiracy theorists.” This includes public figures as varied as recent Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, and actress Roseanne Barr, whom CNN described as having lowered herself into a “far-right fever swamp.”

CNN’s column claims that conservatives are questioning whether the outcome of the 2024 Super Bowl will be “legitimate.” What’s the connection? Swift’s boyfriend, 34-year-old Travis Kelce, plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. The team recently beat the Baltimore Ravens, qualifying the Chiefs for the Superbowl.

Swift openly urged Americans to vote for Joe Biden for president in 2020, leading many to speculate that she is not only a liberal, but may be working in concert with the Democratic Party. There is, of course, no way to confirm or deny this.

It is true that figures like Ramaswamy and others have questioned whether the Super Bowl will be fixed in some way. What is harder to determine is whether such speculation is serious, or whether it’s closer to jocular humor.

Ramaswamy recently wondered aloud “who’s going to win the Super Bowl next month,” while referring to Swift and Kelce as “an artificially culturally propped up couple.” He also mused about whether Swift and her boyfriend would make a formal endorsement of President Joe Biden in the fall before the election. Ramaswamy admitted that this was “wild speculation” and invited readers to see how well his thoughts aged over the next eight months.

Right-wing commentator Jack Posobiec—whom CNN calls a far-right conspiracy theorist—recently discussed the issue with Roseanne Barr on his show. He said he suspects the Democratic Party is preparing to use Swift to influence the election.

Could she? There seems to be some evidence, and it is not only right-wing commentators who are pointing it out. An article in Bloomberg asks whether the pop star is Joe Biden’s “secret weapon,” and points to a recent Newsweek poll showing that 18 percent of U.S. voters said Swift’s endorsement of a candidate would influence them to vote for her choice.

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