Connecticut Man Arrested Months after Finding Cash in a Parking Lot

( – A 56-year-old dog trainer has been arrested by police in Connecticut three months after first claiming that he had randomly discovered almost $5,000 in cash inside an inconspicuous bag lying in a bank parking lot. The criminal mastermind has been charged with larceny in the third degree.

Trumbull resident Robert Withington, who turned himself over to police on August 25th, called the charges a “crock of baloney.” He told a local paper that his actions did not equate to theft because no one was around when he made the discovery. Withington said there was no premeditation on his part and compared the moment to hitting the lottery.

The man who claims to have no criminal record whatsoever told law enforcement that he happened upon the bag around 9:30 am on May 30th and that there were no identifying marks on it. He also said there was nothing to identify the owner on the bag’s interior.

The dog trainer said he was focused exclusively on the cash in hand and that he “just took” the money and then “called it a day.” Despite the bank’s lobby being only steps away, Withington said he felt no obligation to return the money or to make any attempt to find the owner.

Area police said that an employee with the local tax collector’s office arrived at the bank on the morning of Withington’s score to make a standard deposit. When it came time to submit their funds, the bag was nowhere to be seen. The employee reported the lost money and an investigation was initiated.

After obtaining search warrants, conducting interviews, and reviewing bank surveillance footage, detectives found that the funds had been “inadvertently dropped” in the parking lot by the civil servant on their way inside the bank. In the brief moments they were inside, Withington made his score.

Withington was caught on video, and authorities had their culprit.

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