Community Rocked by Mysterious Death of 19yo Girl

( – A Florida family is reeling after the death of their 19-year-old daughter, leaving them with the question: “Why?”

Ava Hulett was released from a local hospital on June 15th after what is being described only as an “incident” at Pelican Larry’s Raw Bar and Grill, located in Ft. Myers. It is unclear what the incident may have been, but there are no suspicions that the restaurant did anything to harm the girl.

A few hours after she arrived home, Ava Hulett was found dead by her mother, and police are treating the case as a possible homicide. Her mother, Meagan, called 911 while her husband performed CPR on Ava. But when the paramedics arrived, they pronounced Ava dead.

The family’s attorney, Anthony Rickman, said Ava had just turned 19 and was eagerly anticipating her life as an adult and a college student.

Ava’s mother, Meagan, said she had heard that others at the same restaurant had died of drug overdoses the same night her daughter was there, but this could not be immediately verified. Meagan insists, however, that her daughter did not take her own life. She suspects that someone slipped a dangerous drug to her daughter without Ava’s knowledge.

Sadly, this is the second time tragedy has struck the Hulett family. In 2019, Ava’s older brother Bradley died after a friend accidentally shot him while the two were playing video games. Family attorney Rickman said “no parent should ever outlive their children,” and said it was “horrific” that the Hulett’s had to endure a parent’s worst nightmare twice.

Mother Meagan Hulett said her daughter was conscious at some point before her death, and said “I don’t want to die.”

The local sheriff’s office said there was no evidence that the restaurant or any of its staff were involved in what happened to Ava Hulett or any other customer.

Some of Ava’s friends are posting messages of sadness on social media, describing her as a “free-spirited friend.” One wrote of how surreal it was to wake up in the morning and try to figure out why this tragedy happened.

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