Columbian Thieves Plant Hidden Cameras to Watch Homeowners

( – A camouflaged camera was discovered in the garden of one Californian homeowner, prompting a police report. A rash of criminal home invasions targeting wealthy homeowners across the country has sprung up in the wake of President Joe Biden’s open border policy. Criminals can also travel into the country legally on a tourist visa while engaging in breaking and entering and theft in the States. The problem has come to national attention under Biden’s administration.

Lost Hills Sheriff’s Department in Calabasas, near Los Angeles, California warned residents to search their properties regularly for hidden recording equipment. They suggested that one homeowner was likely being surveilled by a gang of thieves after they located a hidden camera in their garden aimed at the house while maintaining their property.

Police suggested that the criminal gangs may be surveilling wealthy neighborhoods and homes to learn behavior patterns such that they can break in and steal while the homeowners are away.

Local police encouraged homeowners to look around their trees and bushes and inspect their flower beds for unusual-looking items. They also encouraged adding motion-activated lights and cameras to their properties which encourage thieves to seek other targets.

The camera was discovered by a resident concealed in a bag that made it look like a plant. They encourage residents to file police reports if they find anything suspicious on their property.

Chilean and Colombian gangs have been known to police for years, and the problem now seems to be getting more national attention. Individual gangs have stolen millions, with the total cost likely ten times as much or more. From New York to Detroit, and posh neighbors in Los Angeles: no one wealthy home is safe, and homes left unoccupied for extended periods make easy targets.

Criminal tourism has even become a term in law enforcement as a consequence of these gangs becoming so prolific. They are organized and effective thieves who are rarely caught, as they move around state to state hitting targets before disappearing.

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