Colorado Springs Shooting Suspect Apprehended by Police

( – Police at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs have arrested the man they allege killed two people with a gun on the college campus on February 16th.

Twenty-five-year-old Nicholas Jordan is being held in jail in El Paso County. His bond was originally $1 million, but the judge raised it to $5 million after Jordan’s first hearing on February 20th. Jordan, who was a student at UCCS, is accused of shooting his roommate, Samuel Knopp, 24, and Celie Rain Montgomery, 26, in the early hours of February 16th. It is not yet clear what relationship Montgomery may have had with the other two men, and Montgomery was not a UCCS student.

Emergency calls that morning to police reported gunfire near a dormitory called Crestone House. When cops arrived they found Knopp and Montgomery dead. Police suspected Jordan was the man they were seeking just hours into the investigation, but Jordan was able to evade cops until the morning of February 17th. Officers caught up with Jordan sitting in a car on Cliff Point Circle East and arrested him at 8:30 a.m.

Since the incident occurred detectives have assured the campus and the community that the shooting was an isolated incident and there was no further danger to residents. The shooting was “not a random attack,” according to a spokesperson for the Colorado Springs Police Department. School officials had placed the campus on lockdown for at least an hour after the shooting occurred.

Samuel Knopp was a senior studying music, originally from Parker, which is approximately 60 miles north of the UCCS campus. Chancellor Jennifer Sabonet called him an “accomplished guitar player” and a talented musician. Celie Rain Montgomery, the other victim, was from Pueblo and had been taking culinary classes at a community college.

There is no information available yet as to the motive for the crimes. In addition, the judge in the case has issued a protection order for the suspect, Jordan, and for witnesses in the case. The Colorado Springs Police Department is asking anyone with information about the crime to contact them at (719) 444-7000.

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