Coast Guard Suspects Migrants Coming Into Malibu

( – The U.S. Coast Guard believes that a boat that washed up on the shores of Malibu California on December 20 was probably carrying illegal aliens. Wealthy Malibu Beach is a favorite spot for celebrities to buy enormous mansions, and it isn’t the first place people think of when they contemplate the thousands of illegal “immigrants” that pour over the U.S. border every day.

But photos depicting the beached craft show that it is what’s called a “panga” boat, which is frequently used to smuggle people over the border. Indeed, an earlier boat from a week prior made land less than a mile from the home of singing superstar Barbra Streisand, whose Malibu home became visually famous online after the singer complained about her privacy being invaded by photographers. The incident gave birth to the popular phrase, “The Streisand Effect,” which means that complaining about a privacy problem usually leads to further invasions of privacy.

A representative from the Coast Guard told the conservative outlet The Daily Wire that they’re treating the latest boat beaching as a “possible migrant landing.” Officers from the Malibu Sherriff’s Station first reported the craft to the Coast Guard. Pictures from the scene depict empty fuel tanks and a broken motor.

While it’s world-famous, Malibu has a very small, and select, population of about 10,000 people. The real estate prices are so high that only the rich and famous can afford to live in the beach community, which is located about 100 miles north of the California-Mexico border.

The pictures and video of the latest landing posted online came from the Daily Wire’s reporter Spencer Lindquist.

Illegal immigration has soared to historic highs under the Joe Biden presidential administration. What was once deemed merely right-wing rhetoric has become an accepted fact for most Americans: The U.S. border is effectively open and has no effective filters or controls under President Joe Biden. Since 2021, officials estimate that 1.7 million “got-aways” have made their way into the U.S. interior and have disappeared into the population since Biden assumed the presidency in early 2021.

Biden’s poll numbers have dropped steadily in recent months, in large part due to his inaction on illegal immigration.

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