Christian Scholar Sues College Over Firing

( – The “woke” takeover of conservative and Christian institutions seems to be continuing apace as a professor at a Methodist university is suing the school for what he says is its discrimination against him for, wait for it—expressing a Biblical view on homosexuality.

Aaron Edwards, who taught theology at Cliff College in England, was fired from the Derbyshire religious college this March. His crime, he claims, was speaking out against the church’s increasing acceptance of homosexuality. Edwards said his employer accused him of bringing the school “into disrepute” by expressing these views on social media.

He told Fox News that Cliff College condemned him in a public statement that claimed that his social media posts were “inappropriate” and “unacceptable.” These are, of course, the most common charges woke leftists bring out when anyone expresses disagreement about leftist beliefs. Many find it surprising, though, that even Christian colleges are now damning their own faculty for expressing opinions that are in line with Scripture.

Edwards wrote on Twitter in early 2023 that “homosexuality is invading the Church,” and that the school was bending over backward to apologize for itself when leftists charge the institution with homophobia. But if sin isn’t really sin, Edwards wrote, then Christians “no longer need the Saviour.”

Cliff College performed an investigation and released a report stating that school officials wanted to refer Edwards to the UK’s legal department that deals with so-called “hate speech” and terrorism. His legal team, provided by the Christian Legal Centre, says Cliff College deliberately intimidated and interrogated their client because of his stated views on “LGBTQ” topics. The school denies that they threatened Edwards.

The former instructor refused the school’s request for him to delete the social media posts—they were made on his own personal account—because they were not abusive, defamatory, or in any way in contravention of Cliff College’s social media policy.

Edwards and the Christian Legal Centre have filed suit against Cliff College, and they are seeking damages from the school on the grounds of harassment and unfair dismissal. This comes against the backdrop of a growing schism in the Methodist church over homosexuality and the new mashed-together conglomeration of political interests that leftists call “LGBTQ”.

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