Chris Christie Calls Ramaswamy a Jacka**

( – During the fourth GOP primary debate, former Gov. Chris Christie suggested Vivek Ramaswamy was a “jacka**” who possessed a “smart-a** Harvard mouth” during CNN’s post-event coverage.

Christie was asked about defending Nikki Haley, to which he replied he wasn’t forming an alliance, but rather simply was tired of listening to Ramaswamy critique Haley’s intelligence. He also implied Ramaswamy was targeting Haley because she was a woman.

Christie called Haley “a smart woman” who works hard and is accomplished. He said that he “had enough” of Ramaswamy’s remarks. He further suggested that he and Haley had “committed [themselves] to public service” while Ramaswamy stole from senior citizens to make his fortune.

He further critiqued Ramaswamy’s attacks against Haley saying they weren’t about the issues and characterized Ramaswamy as a “jacka**.”

Ramaswamy has been taking a lot of flak for his critiques of Haley. During an interview with Fox News, he explained that he was attacking her claims of foreign policy experience, and said he was “highly confident” Haley could not identify the provinces being fought over in eastern Ukraine. He also pointed out that the attacks against him for criticizing her allowed her to play “the woman card.”

Ramaswamy also pointed out that Haley had called him “dumb” outright during the second GOP primary debate, but after the fourth debate where he was critical of Haley the media rushed to call his behavior “unbecoming.”

In the fiery back and forth, Haley said Ramaswamy had a “woman problem” feeding into the narrative. In his response, Ramaswamy said he had no problems with women but rather had a problem with corruption. He further suggested that Haley would “send your kids to die so she can buy a bigger house.”

Ramaswamy also attacked her for having the endorsement of Charles Koch’s AFP network. He continued to malign identity politics within the Republican party ending with the statement that “having two X chromosomes does not immunize you from criticism.”

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