China Promises to Take Taiwan, Biden Calls Xi a Dictator Again

( – On Wednesday, when a Chinese government spokeswoman voiced optimism about China’s capacity to recapture Taiwan in the future, President Biden repeated his previous declaration that Chinese President Xi Jinping is a dictator.

The potential for tension between Beijing and Washington after the two presidents’ direct summit conversations was highlighted when Biden remarked that he still maintains that the Chinese president is a dictator because he rules over a communist nation.

Biden referred to Xi as a dictator for the first time after a Chinese surveillance balloon crossed the continental U.S. in the spring of 2023. The President created a firestorm of controversy when he didn’t order the “spy balloon’s” destruction until it was well within the U.S. states and over the South Carolina shoreline.

Biden said after the U.S. downed the balloon carrying two box cars worth of surveillance equipment, Xi Jinping became quite furious. President Biden said, “It’s embarrassing for dictators when they don’t know what is happening.” The Chinese government was outraged by his statements and labeled them exceedingly stupid and reckless.

Hua Chunying, spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry, stressed the importance and sensitivity of the “Taiwan matter” in China-U.S. ties during her remarks at the summit with Xi. Chunying said that the United States should cease arming Taiwan and back China’s peaceful reunification if it is serious about not backing Taiwan’s independence. She predicted that reunification in China would be achieved and declared it inevitable.

But at his news conference, Biden reaffirmed American support for the One China policy, ignoring Taiwan altogether.

Biden emphasized the agreements established between the nations about Asian fentanyl shipments and promised to improve contact between the American and Chinese forces in his final news conference.

Last March, Xi secured a third term as president when over 3,000 members of China’s dutiful parliament, the National People’s Congress, voted for him in an uncontested election.

After ten years of consolidating authority in policymaking and the military and suppressing media freedoms, Xi is regarded as the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Zedong.

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