China Claims Country Will Be Ready for War

( – Chinese President Xi Jinping, in an address on Wednesday, July 26 ahead of the 96th Anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), said that China must be ready for war and that the military must continue to modernize at a faster pace.

Xi, speaking to the PLA Air Force’s western theatre command, said that the Chinese military must “push” for new equipment and forces, as well as “accelerate” modernization efforts and integrate those modernizations into the current combat system, the Xinhua news agency reported on Sunday, July 30.

The news comes as China continues to flex its military might amid growing tensions with the U.S. Specifically, it has ramped up military drills within the past year, and has also signaled that its third and most advanced aircraft carrier will soon begin sea trials.

The U.S. is also strengthening ties with longstanding allies, as well as forging new relationships with other nations. This has prompted calls from Beijing for American forces to steer clear of China, should military talks between the two countries have any chance of continuing.

Visiting public policy research fellow at the National University of Singapore, Drew Thompson, said that Chinese military exercises represent more of a political goal rather than a military one. The point of the drills, according to Thompson, is for China to project military strength, specifically over its archrival, the U.S.

Tensions have also ramped up ever since U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s visit with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen in April, which prompted the PLA to run drills in the Taiwan Strait. The PLA has also conducted over a dozen exercises and patrols from the Sea of Japan to the Western Pacific Ocean.

All of this is also occurring in the wake of Xi’s vow in 2021 to fulfill the full reunification of Taiwan with China by “peaceful” means. However, President Biden also vowed in 2022 to defend Taiwan against a Chinese military attack, which has served to escalate tensions even further.

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