Chicago Black Lives Matter Group Targeted for Supporting Palestine

( – The Chicago-based chapter of Black Lives Matter is taking heat from a number of sides for appearing to glorify the Hamas invasion of Southern Israel and their subsequent slaughter of Israeli civilians on October 7th.

Shortly after the terror group’s use of paragliding assault teams, the BLM chapter took to Twitter and posted a digital rendering of a parachutist with a Palestinian flag attached to their canopy.

The post’s accompanying text indicated that the organization stood “with Palestine.” As many might expect, users across the board quickly attacked the image and heaped dizzying amounts of disgust at the leftist activists. Elon Musk, the man who helms the entire platform, responded with one word. “Wow,” the tech titan said.

Conservative host Liz Wheeler said that BLM Chicago had chosen to align itself with a group that rapes women, murders innocents, and decapitates babies. Aviva Klompas, one of the founders of Boundless Israel, called the post “utterly sickening.”

Jason Bedrick, a Heritage Foundation research fellow, said BLM was supporting people who are “chopping heads off” of babies and sexually assaulting Israeli women and girls. Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon appeared unsurprised and responded that “terrorists tend to stand with terrorists.”

Many on Twitter pointed out that the Windy City chapter which was responsible for making the post may have done so without the official backing of the overall BLM umbrella. Some users said they were willing to wait for a statement of condemnation that ultimately never came.

Most conservatives involved in the recent BLM-Hamas fray appeared to overlook the likely fact that BLM’s varying ideologies would never be allowed in the Palestinian territories or anywhere else in the Muslim world. In stark contrast to Islamic norms, BLM’s founders have called for the destruction of the nuclear family and the empowerment of women and LGBT people.

Two of the group’s three original founders are openly queer. ISIS, which is ideologically aligned with Hamas, routinely killed homosexuals by throwing them off rooftops in very public executions.

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