Capitol Policemen Injured During Pro-Palestine Protests

( – It stands to be seen if those protesting in our nation’s capital on behalf of Palestinian interests will be treated in a manner similar to those who were prosecuted for participating in the events of January 6th, 2021. According to reports, recent pro-Palestine demonstrations have yielded violence that has led to a number of police officers being injured.

On November 15th, between 150 and 300 demonstrators gathered outside Washington, D.C.’s Democratic National Committee headquarters. The disparity between the numbers of reported protestors is due to conflicting reports.

Capitol Police maintained that around 150 people had shown up, but the attendees themselves told Fox News their group was comprised of double that amount. Law enforcement on the scene said the protestors had gathered illegally and that the events escalated to the point of violence.

We “are making arrests,” the Capitol Police announced on Twitter. They advised D.C. residents and visitors to steer clear of the area and further confirmed that six of their officers had been hurt in the clashes. According to a handful of reports, officers were subjected to hitting and punching. Some were also cut during a series of scuffles.

In addition to Capitol Police, around 150 officers and a minimum of 50 police vehicles from the Metropolitan PD were dispatched to the area. Several videos posted to social media appeared to show protestors attempting to grab the gate-like metal barricades that law enforcement had set up around the DNC headquarters.

The events were only the latest in a series of pro-Palestinian actions, both in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere around the nation. On November 4th, protestors numbering in their tens of thousands gathered around the White House.

Demonstrators shook fencing and in some cases appeared intent on breaking through the compound’s gates. On Veteran’s Day, hundreds of like-minded individuals descended on President Biden’s Delaware home.

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