Canada Warns Its LGBTQ+ Citizens To Not Come To The U.S.

( – The Canadian government recently issued a travel advisory for LGBTQ+ people traveling to the U.S. on Tuesday, August 29. The travel advisory said that “some states” have enacted policies that are dangerous for “2SLGBTQI+ persons.” To clarify, the “2S” acronym refers to the Canadian Indian-specific term “two-spirited,” whereas the “I” is meant to denote intersex people.

However, the travel advisory was not specific as to what states in the U.S. should be avoided by LGBTQ+ people and simply told travelers to check the respective state’s local laws.

A spokesperson for Global Affairs Canada has defended the travel advisory, citing multiple state laws that outlaw gender-affirming medical care for minors, restrict drag queen shows, as well as ban transgender women from competing in biological women’s sports. The travel advisory could very well affect more than one million LGBTQ+ Canadians, according to CBS News.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland also defended the travel advisory, saying that the Canadian government always tries to look out for the safety of its citizens. However, she declined to comment on whether the Canadian government had engaged in talks with the Biden administration before issuing the controversial travel advisory.

According to Reuters, the U.S. is Canadians’ most-traveled location outside their own country, with residents returning from 2.8 million trips south of the Canadian border in June. The Human Rights Campaign, the U.S.’s largest pro-LGBTQ+ advocacy group, recently declared a national state of emergency due to the amount of legislation in states seeking to clamp down on transgenderism and other pro-LGBTQ+ causes.

The current Canadian government is said to be significantly left-wing, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau regularly supporting far-left policies, specifically ones that pertain to LGBTQ+ issues. The news comes as the leaders of the Freedom Convoy protest, in which Canadians protested Ottawa’s COVID-19 restrictions, are now facing criminal charges due to their failure to comply with government orders.

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