California Legislators Want to Ban Book Bans

( – Cue the references to Nazis and their nationwide book burnings of the 1930s. In what legacy outlets are framing as legislation aimed at preventing right-wing zealots from banning books, it appears California Gov. Gavin Newsom is only one pen-stroke away from legally forcing children in the state to be subjected to themes promoting critical race theory and gender confusion.

In a State Assembly controlled by Democrats, California legislators have passed a new law that will allow fines to be imposed on public school districts that refuse to carry certain textbooks or library items for reasons of “discrimination.” The September 7th move needs only the signature of Gov. Newsom to be codified. The rumored Presidential hopeful has already praised the law’s passage and is expected to sign it without issue.

Newsom referred to the bill’s opponents as “political fanatics” and said that his state is a place of “true freedom” where students can be exposed to “the truth” about “the world” and about “themselves.” His bill will give Sacramento lawmakers the authority to hand fines down to districts that decline to carry items based on their inclusion of what the state considers to be marginalized groups and ideas.

Districts will be unable to lawfully remove books about transgenderism and critical race theory regardless of parental concerns or protests. The legislation only covered textbooks initially, but was later expanded to cover selections in the school library.

Assembly Bill 1078 had its genesis when a school board said to be controlled by conservatives in the city of Temecula blocked items that promoted gay rights icon Harvey Milk. The San Francisco politician was assassinated in 1978 and is routinely championed as a civil rights pioneer by liberals in the state.

Republican State Assemblyman Devon Mathis called the bill’s passage “government blackmail.” Democratic State Senator Dave Min praised the new legislation and suggested anyone who does not is also likely to believe in “conspiracy theories.”

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