California Gov. Gavin Newsom Under New Recall Pressure

California Governor Gavin Newsom in Sacramento, California Jan. 19, 2021

( – Gov. Gavin Newsome (D-CA) is facing the potential of yet another recall due to the crisis of homelessness and constantly putting Americans in California last before criminals and illegal aliens.

Rescue California is planning to present recall papers to the governor’s office on Monday, March 4th. The move is the first step in the process to get a recall vote on the ballot for November’s general election.

The citizen-led conservative-leaning group cited numerous problems in California as necessitating the recall. They list the increased cost of living, homelessness, school closures, and mandates in the wake of the previous pandemic, as well as Newsom’s stance on crime and illegal aliens as justifications.

Rescue California’s website suggests that Newsom is more interested in his presidential pursuits than he is in effectively managing the state of California. It said California requires a governor who can give their full attention to the multiple serious problems across the state. It suggested that Newsom has left a trail of destruction behind him and highlighted each issue individually.

Rescue California additionally slammed a $3 billion program to cover health costs for illegal aliens which takes those vital funds directly from cuts made to programs for school kids, veterans, homeless Californians, and the disabled. They also lambasted Newsom’s policy of keeping schools closed during the pandemic, highlighting how it negatively impacted the safety and education of children in the state.

California has also been enduring a wave of violent crime that is tolerated by the state, including organized robberies where the victims and bystanders have been encouraged to simply allow the thieves to pillage and flee. Law enforcement has also been hamstrung by legislation that prevents enforcement against thefts under a certain limit.

The group also blamed the governor for rising costs of housing.

Newsom responded by suggesting the campaign is a distraction while making nebulous comments about “the existential fight for democracy” and abortion rights. This will be the fifth attempted recall against Newsom.

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