Caesar’s Entertainment Pays Ransom to Cyberattackers

( – Casino behemoth Caesar’s Entertainment is said to have been the victim of a major cyber attack in late August and reports are circulating that the company quickly paid millions of dollars in ransom to make the problem go away. The international conglomerate has declined to comment on the events outside of a legal filing and the amount of money in play is not currently known.

FOX is reporting that the entertainment giant paid out a “significant amount” to the attackers. Bloomberg has cited “people familiar” with the occurrence and has suggested that “tens of millions” of dollars were handed over to the criminals behind the network intrusion. The day the attack was initiated is also unclear, though most reports are saying it took place during the final days of August.

A hacker collective known as Scattered Spider is said to be behind the events and the group supposedly gained access to the Caesar’s network at large by first targeting one of their third-party vendors that provided information technology services to the company.

Those familiar with the alleged criminal group have said that its members are believed to be extremely young and scattered throughout both the United States and the United Kingdom. Their breach of Caesar’s systems is believed to have resulted in the group acquiring customer social security numbers and driver’s license data.

Caesar’s acknowledged that data was stolen in a legal filing and said that they “have taken steps” to make sure that the “data” in question “is deleted.” Based on a handful of reports, it may be safe to assume that the “steps” mentioned by the company in their filing equate to a ransom payment. The company further admitted that they could not “guarantee” that customer data would actually be deleted by the hackers.

Only days after the reported attack on Caesar’s, MGM properties were similarly targeted in Las Vegas. Slot machines, door locks, and ATMs all stopped working simultaneously.

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