Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Targeted in ‘Swatting’ Incident

( – Boston Democrat Mayor Michelle Wu was the victim of an attempted swatting on Christmas Day. Swatting is the act of making a fake 911 call reporting a violent occurrence at the target’s residence so that police will respond by raiding the residence with guns drawn.

Police reported that a man claimed to have shot his wife after tying her up along with a second man at Wu’s home address. Emergency personnel responded to the home, realizing it was the mayor’s house upon arrival. Wu said that such attempts aren’t a new occurrence for her and that they have a good system in place with the Boston Police Department.

Wu criticized the misuse of resources and highlighted that they hamper response to actual emergencies. Police are investigating but typically the culprits use advanced proxy routing online to obscure the source of their phone calls.

The call comes amidst criticism for Wu hosting an “Electeds of Color Holiday Party,” that specifically excluded white people from attending. The invitation mass email included a lot of white people which prompted backlash. Wu’s office apologized and said it was a mistake that non-invitees were included on the email. Her office was clear to apologize about the email mix-up, but defended the exclusive party as a tradition.

Wu wasn’t the only politician to get swatted on Christmas. Republican firebrand House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) was swatted for the eighth time and given the history police were able to contact her security personnel and determine the call was a hoax before responding.

In that incident, a man said he had shot and killed his girlfriend and was threatening to kill himself to a suicide hotline. He reported his location as Greene’s home address.

New York Republican Rep. Brandon Williams was also swatted on Christmas Day. Williams reported that the local authorities reached out to him en route to his residence and were able to confirm the call was a swatting attempt. Williams invited the responding officers to enjoy refreshments with the family before sending them home with “homemade cookies and spiced nuts.”

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