Boebert Wages War Against Hollywood

( – Controversial Colorado House Representative Lauren Boebert (R) will face a tenuous battle to hold on to her seat in the House in 2024 as wealthy celebrities have invested millions to prop up her democratic challenger, Adam Frisch.

A Newsweek report combed through oodles of campaign finance data from the Federal Election Commission to show that dozens of Hollywood heavyweights are funding Frisch in their combined hope of flipping a red seat blue.

Music icon Barbara Streisand, Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds, director Rob Reiner, and others were found to give cash to oppose her reelection. Musical heiress Roseanne Cash, Johnny Cash’s daughter as well as Don Henley from The Eagles were also donating funds to help the Democrats.

Historically Boebert’s district has always leaned red, but Frisch’s previous run versus Boebert was so close there was an automatic recount to confirm her win with just a few hundred votes. Democrats hope that her series of public foibles combined with her prior weak performance will allow them to take the district and flip a congressional seat.

He’s well ahead of her in fundraising, bringing in $3.4 million in the third quarter. Boebert raised roughly a quarter of that amount in the same period. She’s begun to notice and posted a request for donations on X (Twitter).

In the post, she acknowledged the race for her seat has garnered the attention of Ryan Reynolds and Barbara Streisand. Newsweek also found that Tony Shaloub and Don McManus also donated to her opponent.

It’s not just actors and musicians either, voice actors, critics, and comedians were also listed in the FEC’s data. A Republican primary challenger against Boebert, Jeff Hurd, pointed out that Boebert’s controversial nature is the only reason Hollywood is flooding their race with cash to support the left.

He further criticized the flood of out-of-state funds as directly caused by Boebert’s public antics, divisive rhetoric, and failure to deliver for her district.

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