Biden’s Pentagon Lost $62 Million in Ukraine Weapons Aid

( – The office of the Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Defense says the Pentagon’s books can’t account for $62 million worth of artillery and other military assistance to war-torn Ukraine.

The June 26th report says the missing money and artillery could not be traced, and the IG blames this on sloppy record-keeping in the DOD and by Ukraine. The weapons were supposed to have been tracked by a system the military calls end-use monitoring, or EEUM. Both the U.S. and the Ukraine have not kept their tallies up to date.

Under EEUM rules, there’s a timetable that must be adhered to when a piece of military equipment is lost or unaccounted for. The IG report claims that “Ukraine did not consistently obtain timely or complete” reports on lost equipment, which fails to meet EEUM standards. On average, the time between discovering that an item was lost and reporting that item’s status as “lost” was “approximately 10 times longer” than the rules call for.

But it’s not all the fault of people on the ground, according to the Inspector General. The manuals and procedures themselves are inconsistent and sometimes contradictory. “The management manual did not provide sufficient guidance” for “partner-nation-self-reporting,” it reads, and the rules did not allow enough actual time to track down and report losses.

It is still unclear where the artillery may have gone, and the report cannot establish whether any war supplies were “diverted,” which appears to be a euphemism for “stolen.” The IG is, however, investigating that possibility by examining “allegations of criminal conduct.”

The loss of money and material in the U.S-to-Ukraine pipeline is significant. A Pentagon investigation from January 2024, found that diplomats and staffers with the Defense Department had lost track of more than $1 billion in war supplies, an astonishing 69 percent of the total allocated aid supplies.

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