Biden’s Name Removed from New Hampshire Ballot

Nashville, Tennessee / USA - October 22, 2020: US Election, Donald Trump, Joe Biden Presidential Debate on the Curb Event Center at Belmont University with Kristen Welker of NBC moderator

( – President Biden’s attempts to claim that “democracy is on the ballot” in November seemingly have disenfranchised their own party’s supporters in New Hampshire by demanding they change the laws to delay the vote from January 23rd to February 2nd. Biden reportedly urged the DNC to proclaim the first official Democratic primary to be held in South Carolina at the end of January. New Hampshire state law mandates the primary be held on January 23rd, and as such, Biden’s name won’t appear on the ballot and any votes or delegates he earns won’t count.

Biden’s team has suggested that racism was responsible for their shift in the first primary from New Hampshire to South Carolina, suggesting that New Hampshire was “too white” in terms of its racial composition. In reality, Biden’s paltry performance in 2020 receiving just 8% of the vote and coming in fifth place may be the more likely cause for the change.

Biden won’t be on the ballot when voters head to the polls on January 23rd, but there has been a grassroots campaign to write in the President. That movement has already published a letter suggesting they don’t anticipate a great showing for Biden. In the letter, they remind readers of the difficulty of getting voters to participate in a write-in campaign and suggest that whatever the outcome of the primary, it won’t be representative of Biden’s actual support in New Hampshire.

There’s no one to blame for Biden’s removal off the ballot but himself, unlike how Trump was removed from Colorado and Maine temporarily until the SCOTUS can weigh in on those questionable moves.

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) and author Marianne Williamson will appear on the ballot for the Democrats. Phillips has been a virtual unknown until now, and thanks to Biden’s team messing with the dates and order of the primaries, he may get a significant boost from success in New Hampshire.

Only two incumbent presidents in recent memory have lost re-election bids, they were Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush. Both had big numbers in New Hampshire, close to 50% of the vote.

Phillips is also playing to win, with many campaign staffers who promoted Andrew Yang in the 2020 cycle. Billionaire Bill Ackman also bolstered his campaign coffers with a million-dollar donation, and he’s been running around New Hampshire campaigning like crazy.

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