Biden’s Border Order Is Actually Making Things ‘Worse’

( – President Joe Biden appears to be trying to gain ground among the public on the historic surge in illegal aliens pouring in through his own open border, but it’s not going down well in all quarters.

After blaming Republicans for the border crisis—Biden implausibly claims he “couldn’t” stem the tide at the border unless the GOP agreed to yet another new law—Biden signed an executive order to allegedly slow down illegal crossings. His order will stop illegals crossing, but only if more than 2,500 of them pour through within a week. Then the government will measure the rate of illegals over a two-week period and open the border if the weekly average is 1,500 or less. It is unclear how the U.S. can have a closed border but also be measuring the number of people entering.

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott said Biden’s action is not only not enough, but it’s making everything worse. He told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that the new policy is only going to “attract and invite” more illegal border crossings because the administration refuses to do any enforcement of existing immigration laws.

It’s “gaslighting” the American public, Abbott continued. He said there’s been no slowing of the tidal wave of illegal aliens, and Biden’s move is just asking for more. But even worse, Abbott said, Biden is “authorizing more people” to jump the fence illegally.

Biden announced the executive order during a speech on June 4th, again blaming “obstructionist” Republicans for a problem that most Americans see as Biden’s responsibility. The GOP was quick to shoot back. House Speaker Mike Johnson called it an act of desperation Biden was using to shore up his abysmal polling numbers. Johnson said the president has “done nothing” to stop border jumpers or to fix the “catch and release” way of operating that’s become standard for border control under the Democrat regime.

Other Republicans called the executive order “insulting.”

Biden certainly has a popularity problem as he’s achieving some of the lowest approval ratings ever. A recent Gallup Poll found that immigration was the top reason voters cited when asked why they evaluated Biden’s performance negatively.

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