Biden’s Approval Hits New Low Among Democratic Voters

( – Nearly 8,400,000 illegal immigrants have been engaged by Customs and Border Protection agents since President Joe Biden assumed the Presidency, according to official CPB data. When combined with previous “gotaway” estimations, a figure of over 10,000,000 illegal crossings can be reasonably extrapolated.

With numbers like that, most would be able to easily understand why the Commander-in-Chief has such a low approval rating amongst conservatives. Traditionalists aside, new data shows that President Biden is performing poorly even among his base.

Gallup’s latest numbers, which many pundits place on par with those of John Zogby, show that Biden has suffered a double-digit decline over the last month among respondents of a Democratic persuasion. According to their October 26th data, his current standing amongst liberals is nearly the lowest of his entire Presidency.

In September, 86% of Democrat respondents approved of his job performance. Fast forward only one month and that number has dropped to 75%, or 11 percentage points. Readers may note that Gallup’s data was released about two and half weeks after the events of October 7th in the Middle East.

According to one outlet, the downtick in Democratic support for the administration is tied to a rising division in the party between those in favor of Israeli action against Hamas and those who are apparently more concerned about the resulting Palestinian civilian casualties. One of Gallup’s pollsters seemed to say as much when the organization released its data.

Megan Brenan, the consultant in question, said that Biden’s approval “fell sharply” as soon as he promised his “full support for” the Jewish State. The head-of-state’s overall approval rating amongst voters of all backgrounds currently sits at 37%, which matches his all-time personal low.

When asked about Biden’s numbers, Vice President Kamala Harris appeared to sidestep the issue, according to Newsweek. The outlet reported that the VP instead chose to focus on what she said were his accomplishments.

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