Biden Threatened by Growing Protest Voting Movement

( – Biden’s reelection campaign is suffering another dramatic loss as a protest movement is growing nationwide in response to the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. A number of organizers have begun to encourage disaffected Democrats upset about the war to vote “uncommitted” or otherwise undecided in their state’s Democratic primaries. The protest vote is meant to send a message to Biden that many of his core supporters aren’t willing to guarantee their support for him in the November contest against Donald Trump.

Michigan is a key battleground state where over a hundred thousand Democrats voted “uncommitted” during its primary. On Super Tuesday, March 5th, over 263,000 voters across five states voted similarly, choosing the option that suggested they were still undecided. Roughly 20 percent of Minnesota Democrats chose “uncommitted,” whereas the percentage was roughly 13 percent in Michigan.

Observers are keen to discover how many will vote similarly on March 12th in Washington state. There’s a similar initiative in Georgia’s primary, also on March 12th, and in Wisconsin; they’ll vote on April 2nd.

Democrats hope that those voters will choose Biden in the November general election, but some observers are suggesting that the antipathy for Biden among his base could be a real problem.

Waleed Shahid helped organize the original effort in Michigan. He suggested that voters could simply stay home in November which would potentially cost Biden major swing states.

Biden campaign spokeswoman Lauren Hitt suggested that the primaries are about making voices heard and she suggested everything was fine. She added that Biden is “working tirelessly” to achieve peace in the Middle East.

Biden supporters have also pointed out that the uncommitted vote isn’t an anomaly, highlighting that Obama had over 400,000 people vote uncommitted in 2012 during the primary season for his reelection.

Biden’s announcement of a plan to build a temporary port in Gaza to facilitate the distribution of relief supplies may not be enough to mitigate the damage the war has already caused to his campaign.

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