Biden Secret Service Agent Robbed at Gunpoint

( – President Joe Biden may be a little more aware of the crime spree his policies around the nation and Democrat policies in California specifically have wrought after a member of his Secret Service detail was robbed at gunpoint and discharged his weapon during the incident in the Los Angeles suburb of Tustin on June 15th.

Officers responded to reports of a robbery around 9:36 p.m. PST in a residential neighborhood called Tustin Fields. They encountered a man who identified himself as a Secret Service agent and who described handing over his bag after being threatened with a gun. During the encounter, the unidentified agent drew and discharged his service weapon; it wasn’t clear if his assailant was struck.

Police said that the man’s belongings were discovered near the scene and an investigation is ongoing. They described a potential vehicle driven by the suspect as a 2004-06 silver Infiniti FX35 or something similar.

Secret Service representative Anthony Guglielmi put out a statement saying that the employee in question was heading home after work and described him as a “victim of an armed robbery.” He added that the agent fired his gun but the attacker escaped in his vehicle and it wasn’t clear if he was hit or not. The agent was not injured.

Biden was at a fundraiser in LA that evening; the guestlist was checkered with big Hollywood icons and former President Barack Obama. Biden reportedly retired to his hotel shortly before 9 p.m.

It wasn’t stated whether or not the agent in question was attached to Biden’s detail or not, but the timing is suggestive that he was working the event in some capacity. The event prompted numerous comments online about the state of the country, and specifically California as Democrat policies have invited lawlessness on a scale not seen since last century.

Most suggested that if the president’s own security detail isn’t safe from violent crime, no one is.

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