Biden Scrambles to Appease Key Voting Bloc

( – President Joe Biden has lost key support from young black men, and it’s beginning to show in his campaign’s efforts. Biden gave a commencement address during a graduation ceremony at Martin Luther King Jr.’s alma mater, Morehouse College in Georgia on Sunday, May 19th. The speech signaled his support for a ceasefire in Gaza while simultaneously touting his administration’s appointment of multiple black Americans to positions of government power and influence.

Biden called the war in Gaza “heartbreaking” while simultaneously condemning the “vicious” October 7th attack on Israel last year. He suggested that the Palestinian people are “caught” in the crossfire, and acknowledged the desperate need for food, clean water, and access to medical supplies in the war-torn territory.

Biden is in a tough spot as his party’s base largely opposes continued Israeli military action and supports calls for an immediate ceasefire; meanwhile, the establishment tends to support both sides in the conflict. Biden attempted to mitigate the impact of the war on his popular support among black men after valedictorian DeAngelo Fletcher gave an impassioned speech wherein he called for “an immediate and permanent ceasefire.”

Biden began his speech with some students silently holding a Palestinian flag while others turned away from the president. There were no audible interruptions during his speech wherein he suggested the issue was complex and would be difficult to resolve. Biden added that he’s been privately frustrated, and the issue has even come up within his family.

Democrats have come to rely upon support from black Americans at the polls. Biden infamously suggested that black people who vote for Trump “ain’t black” in the previous election cycle. He apologized for the remarks shortly thereafter.

Biden’s appearance at Morehouse marked his first return to campuses after a speech regarding abortion rights at George Mason University in Virginia earned him multiple interruptions from Palestinian-supporting activists. Student demonstrations across the country have continued this month, with some becoming violent. Biden denounced the violence in remarks given around the same time.

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