Biden Renews Effort to Win Over Black Voters

( – President Joe Biden is attempting to cozy up to black voters after losing support from young black men in the polls. Biden’s campaign managers are attempting to reacquire black voter support as the group is seen as a crucial component of the Democrat base and helped propel Biden into the presidency in 2020.

Biden will make several black-themed campaign appearances and hope that his pandering isn’t recognized as such. On Sunday, May 19th Biden gave the commencement speech at Morehouse College, Martin Luther King Jr.’s alma mater. The appearance at the historically all-black college was roundly criticized as “race-baiting” on social media. Biden even invoked the memory of George Floyd, suggesting that his death somehow embodied the struggle of systemic racism.

Biden’s handling of the war in the Middle East has also earned him scorn from liberal voters and black Americans. Many of the same people who protested Floyd’s death and involved themselves in the BLM movement of 2020 are now roaming college campuses and protesting the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.

Biden has been hitting every “Trump is a racist” button possible in the last few weeks, reminding black audiences that Trump questioned Obama’s place of birth and attempted to repeal Obamacare.

Biden has highlighted his progressive policies toward marijuana and canceling student loan debt as especially helpful for black Americans.

Recent polling suggests Biden is in trouble with black Americans. Trump only received about 10% of the black vote nationally in 2020 based on exit polls, current polling shows he’s earning over 20%.

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