Biden Rakes In $97 Million in Final Quarter of 2023

( – President Biden and the Democrats accumulated huge sums of money for his campaign effort heading into the 2024 election year. Their fourth-quarter fundraising filings indicate they raked in over $97 million for their campaign coffers. That brings the total available to the DNC and Biden to roughly $117 million. That’s the most cash-on-hand ever in the history of the Democrat party this far in advance of the election.

Biden’s announcement coincides with the release of a new Ipsos/Washington Post poll that indicates Biden is incredibly unpopular with voters. The irony of Biden having record funding at a time of historic unpopularity is suggestive.

Another CBS News/YouGov poll suggested both Biden and Trump had roughly equivalent shots at winning the presidency.

Biden’s campaign raised more money than Barack Obama’s during a similar point in the election cycle, though donation limits have been raised over time which allows more generous contributions from individual donors.

Only GOP hopeful Nikki Haley has released her fundraising filings for the fourth quarter of 2023, saying that her campaign brought in $24 million in the last three months of the year. Candidates have until January 31st to complete their financial filings for the Federal Election Commission.

Biden’s campaign has largely avoided expending significant funds on advertisements as the primary season continues. Most analysts expect ad buys and other expenditures as the primary winds down this summer.

Campaign staff said that the President’s fundraising efforts broke the record in December that it set the prior month for a number of individual donors, suggesting they had a lot of grassroots funding. They said their average donation was $41.88 in the fourth quarter with 97% of all donations being less than $200.

They said they had over 130,000 people making regular monthly donations which is double the number who supported his campaign in 2020. The campaign further said they grew their email list by 15% and took in nearly a million individual donations for the fourth quarter.

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