Biden Prepares $2 Billion+ Spending Package with Aid for Israel and Ukraine

( – Some suspect that American-made missiles were involved in Ukraine’s September 13th attack on Russian naval assets that were docked in a Crimean port. Two Kremlin ships were badly damaged by weapons their Eastern European rival was not supposed to have in its inventory.

Official Biden administration policy at the time was that the White House was “considering” supplying the Zelenskyy government with ATACMS missiles. Whether ATACMS was involved in the September attack on Moscow’s Black Sea-based fleet or not, the U.S. has now officially admitted that it has indeed been secretly supplying the Ukrainians with said variety of missiles for some time.

The system is reported to have the ability to reach out and touch targets accurately that are almost 190 miles away. Outside of admittedly providing the Ukrainians with advanced American missile technology, the Biden administration is simultaneously preparing to spend at least another $2 billion of our tax dollars in a joint aid package for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan.

Some readers may note that Israel already receives about $3.3 billion in American aid per year and Taiwan is the recipient of $2 billion of the same. Since the Jewish State was founded in 1948, the United States has provided it with well over one-quarter trillion dollars. Since the start of their ongoing war with Russia, the Biden administration has given Ukraine some $75 billion.

It is not yet clear how the latest purported aid package will be split among the three countries. If one goes off the October 15th words of Jake Sullivan, the President’s national security advisor, $2 billion is only a starting point. According to Sullivan, the final total will “be significantly higher.”

Republicans in both the House and Senate are reportedly pushing back against what they say is an open-ended financial commitment to Ukraine that has no limitations. Some legislators are even additionally suggesting that Ukrainian aid should be immediately diverted to Israel.

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