Biden Loses Crucial Voter Support and Raises Democratic Concerns for 2024

( – Democrats have long considered “people of color” as guaranteed voters, but President Joe Biden is losing support among this demographic faster than any other liberal candidate in recent memory.

The President who once quipped that African Americans who would vote for Trump “ain’t black” may want to update his racial identification rule of thumb. According to a new USA Today/Suffolk University poll, the incumbent President has lost nearly 30 percentage points among black voters since his election victory in 2020. The loss of support during the same period among Hispanics is nearly as dramatic.

The poll found that a mere 63 percent of black voters support Joe Biden, which appears to be a historically unprecedented low in support for a Democrat president among this voter block. Since 2020, black support for Biden has fallen from 92 percent to just 63 percent. At the same time, Hispanic support declined from 59 percent to 34 percent.

It is difficult to overstate how unusual this is. For decades, Democrats have considered the non-white vote their property, and to the frustration of conservatives, the Democrats have been correct. That is, until now.

Worse, what Democrat operatives assumed could never happen has, in fact, happened. The same poll found Biden is trailing Republican candidate Donald Trump among voters younger than 35. Trump garnered 37 percent approval in the joint poll compared to 33 percent for Biden.

The news for the left is so bad that party standard bearers are actually acknowledging out loud facts that, until recently, they loudly proclaimed could never be true. Democratic strategists James Carville and David Axelrod have both noted how bad Biden’s poll numbers are. Roosevelt University professor David Faris went so far as to say the situation is “even worse than it looks” and that Biden’s numbers should “panic” the Democratic Party as the 2024 election approaches.

Faris continued, stating, “There‚Äôs no sugarcoating it: This might be the worst polling environment for an incumbent president” one year ahead of the election. Faris noted that no incumbent president has faced polling numbers this poor since the 1930s and that no Democratic candidate has ever lost so much ground with these key demographics since modern polling began.

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