Biden Looks Lost on Stage as Jordanian King Speaks

Nashville, Tennessee / USA - October 22, 2020: US Election, Donald Trump, Joe Biden Presidential Debate on the Curb Event Center at Belmont University with Kristen Welker of NBC moderator

( – President Joe Biden appeared confused and lost during remarks given on February 13th wherein he shared a podium with the King of Jordan. In the video, Biden turned the podium over to King Abdullah II and couldn’t decide if he was supposed to stand to the left or right of the podium. Biden was noticeably staring at the floor during the gaffe, likely looking for the appropriate marker.

King Abdullah seemed confused himself, looking for Biden over his left shoulder while Biden was on his right and Biden said he “switched sides” on the king, which earned a smile from his majesty.

Conservative commentator Benny Johnson suggested Biden’s meandering resembled that of a “lost puppy.” The awkward moment couldn’t come at a worse time for Biden, as the recently released Robert Hur Report outlines that while Biden likely violated the law concerning how he handled classified information, prosecution wasn’t recommended due to his advanced age and memory problems.

Hur’s report was released on February 8th and slammed Biden for multiple failures of memory including an inability to recall the year his son, Beau Biden, died (2015) or what years he was the Vice-President under Obama (2011-2017).

The release of the report coincides with numerous typical Biden gaffes in addition to his on-stage shuffle with King Abdullah. Biden seemingly forgot the name of Hamas, the organization currently acting as a government in Gaza. He also referred to French President Emmanuel Macron as President Francois Mitterrand, a former French president who died in 1996. He also mixed up former German chancellor Angela Merkel with former chancellor Helmut Kohl, who is also deceased.

Biden responded to the Hur report with a special press conference that evening where he appeared slow to respond and frequently restarted sentences. During that press briefing, he referred to Egyptian President Sisi as the President of Mexico, appearing to mix up border issues.

Things were so bad that liberal darling Jon Stewart lambasted Biden during his opening monologue on “The Daily Show.” Stewart is returning to helm his former program once a week for the election year and was highly criticized for daring to mention Biden’s age-related decline. Stewart also jabbed at Donald Trump by suggesting he, too, was “an old man.”

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