Biden Issues Executive Order Over Train Disaster

( – President Joe Biden has released an executive order meant to hold Norfolk Southern to account for the company’s train disaster in Ohio more than half a year ago.

Biden’s move comes two days after his seemingly slurred speech before officials at the United Nations on September 19th. It took seven months for the order to be issued and it was preceded by not a single visit to the area from the leader of the executive branch.

Even the Democratic senator whose constituents live in the area appeared to be critical of Biden’s timeliness or lack thereof. Ohio’s Sherrod Brown took to Twitter in response to the order and said the White House is finally moving “in the” correct “direction,” but that the decision was long “overdue” to begin with.

Brown was clear in his tweet that “much” still needs to be done to bring accountability to the transport company responsible for the derailment and that “more” resources are needed for East Palestine’s affected residents. Twitter users overwhelmingly blasted both Brown and the President in their responding comments.

One user said the administration should stop worrying about regional executive orders and focus instead on shutting down the border. Another user asked if Biden planned on issuing a separate order that would “stop letting illegals” into the country.

Yet another referred to the President as “a king” and suggested that the Commander-in-Chief lacks the authority to single-handedly determine the guilt of a private entity. “That’s what the courts are for,” the user opined.

Biden’s order indicated that a “multi-agency” effort would be implemented “to support” residents who were left to deal with the economic and environmental fallout of the February 3 events. According to the President’s proclamation, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation will oversee the cleanup.

The Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Health and Human Services will additionally be responsible for performing large-scale public health tests.

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