Biden in Denial, Refuses to Believe Polling Data

( – President Biden and his closest advisers are suggesting polling data is inaccurate while simultaneously citing polls that show them gaining ground or ahead after Biden was confronted with harsh polling data during a recent interview. Recent polling has shown Trump ahead in several swing states and suggested that the economy and southern border crisis are major concerns for voters, both of which Trump performs better on when polled individually.

Biden’s defenders have suggested that the polls don’t accurately reflect the beliefs of most voters and that they are not spinning negative press. The campaign isn’t concerned that Biden is well behind his 2020 polling from similar time points in the campaign. Biden believes he has much more support among the general populace than the polls indicate.

Biden has privately and recently in public claimed that he’s actually gaining in the polls or is ahead in a few specific examples. On May 10th, Biden told donors who gathered at a posh home in Palo Alto, California that the press wasn’t covering “the momentum.” He also shot back at negative polling data during an interview by suggesting that polling methodology was flawed.

A major poll put out by the legacy press suggested Trump was ahead of Biden in five swing states among registered voters. Another April poll also showed Trump beating Biden in six out of seven swing states they queried; they counted North Carolina as a swing state.

Biden has cherry-picked a poll by PBS that is favorable to him while simultaneously deriding the practice. His campaign is maintaining a steady-as-she-goes philosophy, despite internal criticism from some Democrats.

In previous cycles, polling hasn’t been an accurate predictor of performance. In 2016, almost everyone thought Hillary Clinton was going to win. In 2022, polling suggested there were going to be many more Republican victories at the national level than there were. Republicans did gain broadly at the state and local levels, however.

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